36 Stunning Leaded Glass Windows Design Ideas

Stunning Leaded Glass Windows Design Ideas 10

If you’re struggling with windows in your home that look bad, perform poorly (maybe they don’t open well or aren’t very energy efficient) and don’t offer the level of privacy you desire then a decorative glass window may be the choice for you. In this article you’ll learn some steps to choose an architectural art glass window which will add style and function to your room.

Identify the problem with your existing window. The biggest reason to purchase a replacement window is usually to get rid of the pain associated with the current window.

4 common problems to eliminate include. Lack of privacy, maybe you have a clear glass in a bathroom or kitchen window which requires blinds or curtains
Poor energy efficiency, the existing window may be rotted and manufactured with only a single pane of glass with a low energy efficiency rating.
Inability to open, Some wood windows can be warped or painted shut and metal frames which much be rusted and difficult to open.
Bland looking windows, many original windows are not decorative because the builder wanted to keep costs down.

Choose the right room to use a leaded or beveled glass window. Selecting the best location for this project will be important. Here’s some rooms to consider. Bathroom, you can create a spa-like feeling and eliminate the need for expensive blinds or shades (even if your window is on the side of the home and close to your next door neighbor).
Kitchen, use an operable casement or awning style to have the ability to get fresh air and ventilation while accenting your d├ęcor at the same time.
Bedroom, position your openings above the bed, as a transom or anywhere you might want a fixed or operable window.
Study or den, creates a stylish touch for either a formal or contemporary den.
Front door, hallway or foyer- use a sidelite or transom to add privacy while simultaneously getting more light in.

Select the best shape. When choosing the window shape you’ll want to consider if the window is located in a big or small room and how much light you desire. For smaller rooms the oval and octagon shaped decorative glass windows will add a distinctive touch without overpowering the room(these units are most often used in a den, study, hallway, half bathroom). When you need more light, privacy and style the square and rectangular shapes are the best choice (most often found in kitchens and bathrooms).

Determine if a fixed or operable style is best. Obviously a window that can be opened provides the most flexibility but they are also most costly than a fixed window. In wet areas like kitchens and baths operability is key (to move out steam or kitchen smells). You can select either a casement style (which opens from side to side) or an awning style (which opens from the bottom out). Fixed windows work out best for small openings or locations where the window is hard to reach.

Pick a design style that matches and compliments your decor. This is the stage where a decorative leaded beveled glass window can shine. Although these windows need to provide improved function. The main reason to choose an architectural element like this is to add style. There are a wide variety of decorative options in both style and leaded caming. Styles include floral, renaissance, craftsman, fluer-de-lis, geometric and cathedral to name just a few. You can choose between black, brass and nickel leaded caming styles as well.

The key to choosing a decorative glass window is to make sure you think through the windows’ function but most importantly to add a fun and unique design element to your home.


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