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It is time to paint your room a different color and give it a new look and feeling but how do you make a choice with so many options? The paint available for interior painting seems to be almost limitless when you consider that almost any paint store will mix a paint to match your color preference. Being able to get your own custom mixed paint is a wonderful thing but it does not help you narrow down your choices. The following are a few simple ideas for narrowing your choices and choosing the perfect color for your room.

Of course the decor of your room will play a big part in the choice of your paint color. Lighting in the room will have a big influence in your color choice as well. Also, the size of your room will need to be considered when choosing a paint color since the color of the paint can change the feel of the space dramatically.

Dark colors will make a small room feel even smaller while bright colors will make a large impersonal space seem even larger and colder. Size does make a difference in how a room feels. A small room like a bedroom will feel closed in and cluttered with a dark color. To make the room feel open and larger, use a light color like light blue or mint green and watch the space expand. The large space that seems cold and unfriendly can be made to feel very hospitable with a dark and warm color. However, decorators feel that a good rule to go by in choosing your color is to pick a color you enjoy and then go two shades lighter.

Now that you know if you need a light or dark color to produce the right feel for your space, your next decision is the tone of the color. The purpose of the room will play a role in your decision. For instance, a nursery should be a pastel or a white paint that has a hint of color. A soft yellow can be achieved by choosing a warm off white. The older child will still do well in a pastel room but one that does not say baby, like a lavender. A small bedroom or a home office might be nice in a pale gray or soft taupe giving it light and warmth.

Besides the size and the purpose of the room, the lighting also plays an important role in choosing a paint color. A room that faces the south will get natural light from the sun. A room on the north side of the home or a basement room will be darker and need more artificial lighting. These darker rooms should be painted with a light and sunny color to feel more inviting. Eggshell finishes will give darker rooms an elegant feeling and flat paints will make wall imperfections less noticeable. Take your paint samples out into the sunlight and then hold them under artificial light and see the difference in the tone of the color. You may need to go one shade lighter or darker to get the feel that you want.


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