38 Fabulous Country Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

Fabulous Country Bedrooms Decorating Ideas 14

If your personality leans towards ease and comfort and a graceful lack of inertia, you’re probably one who’ll like a country-styled home interior. The French are particularly known for this type of design which relies mostly on a lot of rustic touches of yellows and old browns and greens and even flashes of hot red.

Basically, French country furniture is created to blend well with almost every other design concept from traditional to eclectic. The result is a laid back feel to your living space. A country style home interior could be many things that lend you that mellow, unstrained feel to your home.

You could have a lovely combination of fabrics and handcrafted furniture for a perfect country ambiance. If you’re a nature buff and would appreciate to bring home that scenery with you, recreate it with antlers and hunting gear as your accents. You could also get a bit personal by adding in some collectible items and keepsakes or keeping a comfortable barrenness to your windows and furniture. A little craftiness with accessories creates a dominant female presence but shouldn’t harm any male member of the household.

Country home interiors breathe a sense primitiveness into a home and most view this as a way of going back to one’s roots. This is also why country is a generally preferred furniture design. However, you don’t want to overdo it and have your home end up looking like a log cabin so be easy with it, especially with the lighting. Sometimes, when the furniture base is made of a dark-hued wood, you’d need a little more brightness to create that perfect effect. You don’t want your home to look like a cave. Or you can lighten it up strategically by using pine wood as your furniture base. Pine wood shines in pale yellow or milky white and is widely available in finished or painted form, thus affording you arrays upon arrays of choices.

The easygoing, welcoming character of country style is particularly inviting for its promise of that good old feeling of home and family and the values that keep them intact. Just as bringing back memories is hard, finding country-inspired furniture will not be that easy. When shopping, remember that pieces created with bare hands carry the most value and naturally will not qualify under the cheap furniture category. But that shouldn’t be a problem as flea markets provide great alternatives from which to draw some really great ideas and furniture for your home at incredibly low prices.

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