Perfect Living Room Lighting Design Ideas 27Perfect Living Room Lighting Design Ideas 27

Living room is definitely one of the most important rooms of the house and lighting in this room plays a major role in its overall appearance and functionality. There are numerous room lighting ideas available which you can select as per your choice and as per the size of the living room, its color scheme, portability and placement of furniture and other fixtures.

A well planned lighting in the room not only makes the ambiance interesting but also helps to carry out important tasks easily. One can choose from wide variety of lights available in the market.

Pendant lighting enhance the decoration of the room and also provide good illumination. One can also use traditional lamps which reflect your personality and gives a unique look to the room. Wide range of lamp shades is available in the market and you can select among them as per your needs and choice.

The size and the shape of these lamps should be chosen carefully so that they go well with the overall ambiance. A darker shade lamp will create a dim light whereas a lighter base allows more light.

One of the most popular living room lighting ideas is to have a recessed lighting which is installed on the walls and ceilings to provide light throughout the room. These lights can be easily maintained through the main light switch. Wide variety of recessed lights is available nowadays which include back lights, low lights, dimmer lights, accent lights and many others.

If the main source of lightning is not sufficient in the room then one can go for the specialized task lights. A small lamp will be a good choice for the reading corner whereas for the entertainment centers, task lights can be placed at a location near the operating system so that it is easy to control them. If you have some prized decoration piece or some special sculpture which you want to showoff then you can use a spotlight for them.

You can use a combination of lighting including halogen lights, fluorescent lights, PLC down lights and others for proper and uniform distribution of light throughout the room. Thus there is no dearth of room lighting ideas and you just need to select the one as per your choice.

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