Beautiful Living Room Wall Gallery Decorating Ideas 25

Gallery walls are an elegant way to decorate your walls and to add a unique character to your interior. There is no “right way” to create a nice gallery wall. Creating a private gallery wall is the perfect way to make a personal exhibition at home.

Sometimes a large dose of inspiration is necessary to create a beautiful picture gallery wall. A home is not complete until the walls are not filled with wall frames containing portraits, pictures, unique moments, art work, paintings, drawings and treasures collected over time.

A great wall arrangement can be a true eye-catching structure. You can make a gallery display with almost anything! Some of your photos are just so great that you want to see them everyday, not just when you look at the scrapbooks, than it’s time to hang them on your walls.

You can use a large variety of wall frames: that are the same shape and size, you can mix in objects, use mirrors and lights, mix paintings and photography, black-and-white and color or you can be eclectic and use a variety of sizes and shapes and combine high and low pieces or you can use any combination that stimulates your imagination.

The most important thing to remember when creating your gallery wall is that there is not a specific method for displaying wall frames. You just have to enjoy the unique and creative process and your gallery wall will be a success!

One of the most common display methods is to fill a large wall space with a collection of pictures or art work framed identically or framing similar photos in the same size frame. But be a little more ingenious and try to create your own wall frames out of cardboard tubes.

Ledges mounted to a wall provide a flat surface for arranging framed or mounted photos, unique art, prints, canvases and other products. An ingenious idea is to cut some old suitcases in half and use them as shelves mounted to a wall. Nice isn’t it?

Another great idea of arranging photo is using a metal wall frame with clips. You can arrange the clips and photos into any design you want! Such a photo display is super cute. It is modern, high quality and adds to any room. It’s an inexpensive way of decorating a wall and making a difference in the room. Pictures or art don’t always have to be framed. An unconventional display could be to hang unframed prints or pictures from a length of wire with clips.

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