Amazing Small Living Room Designs Ideas 34

Living room is the room of resting. It’s the place for you to relax and fill your leisure time. Small living room is not a problem as long as you can keep it cozy and homely.

You should use brighter colors to give a wide and spacious visual looks. These bright colors can be applied on wide spaces like walls, floor, or ceiling. Don’t use dark colors since it will give suppressing impression. Dark color is only effective when applied on small area or used as accent.

Set the focus only to one interior item. Make one of your favorite furniture as the spot centre. It can be the antique table, or the vase, or a sculpture in the foyer. In a small room, too many accents will make the room feel narrow and will make many distraction.

In small living room, you should use practical, multifunction or moveable furniture. This will add to flexibility in the living room. Leave out those big and heavy items to get a balance composition. And remember, you only have small space so don’t keep too many things in your living room.

Make a good plan for your storage, because it can save some space. Utilize every corner efficiently, such as using the space between your cabinet and ceilings. You can extend your cabinet to the ceiling to make the storage integrated to it. Remove solid partitions and replace it with transparent partition. Glass or transparent acrylic can give wide and glamorous atmosphere.

Use small patterns on the wallpapers or interior fabrics instead of big ones, because patterns can also give significant effect. Big pattern can contribute to constricted ambience. Give optimal brightness. Small living room needs optimal brightness to give friendly and warm feeling.

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