The Best Romantic Backyard Decorating Ideas 32The Best Romantic Backyard Decorating Ideas 32

In an era of economic uncertainty, many couples are looking for ways to have extra fun at home without paying high-end restaurant prices. “Date night” can get expensive after movie tickets are purchased, dinner has been eaten, and drinks ordered. In addition to being a financial drain, it can be tiring to arrive home, get changed, and then hit the town again after a long day at work.

Why not try the occasional “date night “at home? Fire pits are a lovely centerpiece to a romantic night in your own backyard. Relaxing in front of a fire at the end of the day, under the stars, is an excellent way to spend time bonding with a significant other over drinks without paying the premium prices of restaurants or bars.

As fun as it is sometimes to go out, there is an argument to be made for the occasional break of simply ordering pizza, opening a bottle of nice wine, and staying at home. Backyard fire pits help create a romantic space where the atmosphere is exactly as the participants want. The environment can be as quiet or lively as the couple chooses, with no bumping elbows with others at a bar. A romantic space at home means no claustrophobic, noisy restaurant atmosphere, the music is always the couple’s preference, and everyone looks fantastic in the light of a fire.

Conventional wisdom says the number one reason couples fight is over money. If the goal of “date night” is to enhance the relationship, it’s helpful to occasionally make an effort to keep expenditures to a minimum. Spending special time together, with the least amount of guilt over frivolous spending, is a good way to get the most out of spending focused time together with an absolute minimum of stress. Creating a quiet space in the backyard featuring a fire pit, a few lawn chairs, and torches is a smart investment in a romantic date night that doesn’t have to be expensive and can be visited again and again. Backyard date nights are a smart and novel way to reconnect and recharge your relationship.

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