33 Inspiring Conservatory Kitchen Design Ideas

Inspiring Conservatory Kitchen Design Ideas 06

People build conservatories for many reasons. Traditional conservatories served as greenhouses that were attached to homes to cut down on building costs. Today people build conservatories for a wide variety of purposes including living rooms, dining rooms, and even kitchens. The following article will give some ideas for kitchen conservatories.

For homes that already have a patio outside the kitchen, turning the patio into a kitchen conservatory is an easy and efficient way to maximize both the kitchen space and the total living space in the home. Additionally, a kitchen patio conservatory allows a family to use the patio all year long, regardless of weather conditions.

In order to turn a patio into a kitchen conservatory, the first step is to enclose the patio in glass. Normally, the knee or waist-high wall should extend from the house, around the patio, and then the rest of the patio should be encased in glass walls and windows. There are several conservatory styles to choose from when enclosing a patio. The simplest and most cost effective is the lean to style conservatory.

After the patio has been enclosed, the next step is to knock down or modify the wall that separates the kitchen from the patio conservatory. Once this wall has been removed, the kitchen and patio conservatory will flow together and meld into one solitary room. Kitchen appliances are generally best left as is, but counter space and seating areas should be extended into the patio area. This type of set-up is great for entertaining guests. Alternatively, some people choose to only enclose half of the patio. In these cases, the conservatory serves as a transition room from the kitchen to the patio.

Clearly, a kitchen conservatory is a great way to expand on an existing kitchen and gain year round use out of a patio. Adding a kitchen conservatory will flood any home in natural light and give the home a much more welcoming feel. There are plenty of different conservatory styles to fit any budget.


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