Fascinating Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas You Must Copy 34

Rustic bathroom vanities come in many different styles to complement and complete the look of many bathroom designs. Rustic designs can fit into many overall themes and designs from a log cabin design, a rustic country home, an Adirondack theme, a north woods cabin, or lake cottage home; all are compatible with rustic bathroom design.

In addition, regional design themes of Western Ranch or Southwestern would be complemented by a rustic vanity as part of a themed bathroom to blend into a design of a home. Bringing natural elements into the home’s decor can complement many compatible design themes including dried flowers, field, and rough natural stones, as well as many natural wooden pieces

Furniture made of wood with many exposed knots, and rough, unfinished surfaces are common design elements. Wood paneling and logs are popular to mimic the look of a log cabin or cottage. Combining older furniture with new pieces is common in many of these designs. The natural look of stone elements can be incorporated into a mantle. Reclaimed and re-purposed logs, along with natural elements and iron railings are common in rustic designs.

Rustic design elements can include salvaged wood and handmade furniture with an unpolished look. A rough, handmade overall look of furniture adorned by fabrics and textiles that have a less refined look of being handmade and not fine or delicate. The blend of rustic themed designs can evoke a sense of coziness and warmth, as you would expect in a log cabin or cottage. Natural colors compliment the design palette of muted earth tones. Outdoor colors of wood, greens, and warm autumn colors, including reds, compliment the honey golden hue of the wood that can be common in these designs. Rustic lighting fixtures with natural elements, including shades made of animal hide or a wrought iron base, blend easily with many designs compatible with rustic designs.

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