36 Inspiring Country Kitchen Decor Ideas You Should Copy

Inspiring Country Kitchen Decor Ideas You Should Copy 15

Do you like the look of a country kitchen? Does it remind you of grandma’s kitchen that you used to visit when you were young? Everyone loves the homey feeling they get from a country kitchen. It makes you feel happy and safe. It always had the right smell and the right look to it.

Now you can create a country kitchen decor theme without sacrificing your wallet or asking grandma for some of her priceless kitchen decors. One rule of thumb when using a theme in your kitchen is don’t overdo it. If you add too many items in your kitchen that match you may create a distracting look in your kitchen.

First, you need to pick a color that you like. The country colors are natural colors you see outside. It could be lavender like the lilac bush in grandma’s yard. It could be blue like the sky or green as the grass. There is nothing wrong with a white kitchen. It is neat and clean and bright looking. The color that you choose can play an important part in how everyone feels when they enter your kitchen. The color that you choose will also have something to do with their appetites. Yellow is a good color to have in a kitchen.

Braided area rugs are the perfect rug for a country kitchen decor. You can place cream rugs around the eating area of your kitchen. You want your rugs to provide comfort in the areas that you need them the most but you don’t want them to take over the decor in your kitchen. The windows are fun to decorate. You could use white lace curtains for the kitchen or you can add color by hanging checked gingham print curtains that you make by hand or you purchase online. The gingham comes in many different colors; red and white, blue and white, and sage green and white. These curtains allow just enough light to come into the room while adding color to your kitchen decor.


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