33 Gorgeous Vintage Ladder Decor Ideas

Gorgeous Vintage Ladder Decor Ideas 23

With a little bit of creativity and some imagination you can take something as simple as a plain wooden ladder and transform it into a beautiful piece of home decor. The thought may not have even crossed your mind after all it’s a ladder, but the possibilities are endless!.

After we discovered that you can take a plain, old regular ladder and transform it into a decorative piece of home décor we did some research to find out some specific ideas and uses.

Below we are going to share them with you. If you like any of these ideas and find you need step by step instructions, just take a trip to your local Home Depot or do a search online using Google and you will have more ideas then you know what to do with!An old ladder and wooden bins come together for a simple storage solution. Cut down the ladder to the desired height. Rest the wooden bins on the ladder rungs and attach with screws on the sides. Add a decorative metal plate to the front of each bin. After you transform your ladder here are some things you can now do with it

You can easily stain the ladder so that it looks new and vibrant and then hang your quilts and throws over the bars. It makes for a beautiful display and gives you lots of room!. You can easily transform a ladder into a useful decorative rack for displaying just about anything with just a little creativity. You can add bins to the ladder by screwing them into the side legs to make more room.

You can use your ladder to house your plants out on the porch or in your garden. You can have ivy wrap around the form which will give it that extra touch of décor. More Ideas, towel ladder, magazine ladder, picture ladder, shelf, end table and so much more! Again, you are only limited by your imagination! As you can see there are many unique ideas, you are bound to find one that will work perfectly for you and liven up your house!


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