Lovely Christmas Tree Ideas To Beautify Your Interior Decor 34Lovely Christmas Tree Ideas To Beautify Your Interior Decor 34

Give a woman another reason to buy new home decor, and you will never be disappointed! The same goes for Christmas tree decor, as trends these days span from one spectrum to the other. From kitschy to elegant, retro to modern, tree themes can be anything that your heart desires and still remain in the spirit of the Holiday season. After all, people who celebrate Christmas come from various nationalities, backgrounds, traditions, and locations.

When we think of recycling, we think of bland brown paper, compost, empty plastic bottles, and soda cans not very Christmas-like or attractive! But believe it or not, recycling and using natural materials can be very beautiful and even elegant. Try popping large feathers between the branches, or find feather ball ornaments hung on silver or gold painted twine.

Take small tree branches that have fallen in your yard and paint them with silver, gold, copper and white tempera paints. Any ornament that represents mother Earth, animals, fruits and veggies, nature or recycling are, of course, very appropriate! Fruit and bird ornaments like red cardinals can add that splash of color to offset the normally drab palette of the recycled materials. Try colored twine or a braided robe as garland to keep the natural feel. All little girls will love this theme: Start with a pure white artificial tree and string white or red lights. Add pink marabou fir boas as your garland, blown glass and delicate spun glass ornaments and anything with crowns or tiaras or rhinestones! A sequined or rhinestone tree topper will bring it all together.

Classic Christmas red is once again back in style in 2019. But using the entire palette of red is what makes it fresh and interesting. Decorate in tones ranging from pale pink to apple red to dark purple. Berry tones like strawberry, cranberry, plum and raisin compliment traditional reds and bring a richness and elegance to your tree. So if you have a traditional image of Christmas but still want to unleash your inner Holiday diva, this theme is a new way of presenting a perennial Christmas favorite.

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