The Best Romantic Bathroom Ideas Perfect For Valentines Day 35The Best Romantic Bathroom Ideas Perfect For Valentines Day 35

Like any other room in your house, your bathroom’s decor should be based on what works for you, what makes you feel pampered, soothed and completely relaxed and rested after your bath. I’ve always believed that lace is the perfect companion to any room. It calms the soul and lends a touch of romance to even the simplest of forms.

Hanging off-white macramé lace panels around your freestanding sink and decorating your window with a matching lace panel or valance will be your first symbols of romance in the bathroom! Great reading material will be one more reason for your guests to linger a bit longer! Always works in my house.

If you like antiquing, you will find many stores chock full of little linen or lace treasure. Doilies placed on a shelf will help soften harsh lines, and old fashioned hand towels can add a luxurious yet welcoming touch to the room. Brass or antique fixtures, floral print wallpaper, or bows hung over a mirror with some dried flowers, will all help set the stage and evoke memories of bygone eras. Choose porcelain or brass fixtures and accessories with tones complementing your main color theme.

Direct lighting is very nice over the sink, but you could also hang, if space allows, one or two sconces for more subdued lighting. A full and lacey window treatment will gentle any sleek and modern bathroom, especially if you use some personal touches, like fresh flowers or scented candles. Candles will bring a wonderfully flattering effect, especially if you need to hide little imperfections here and there, as is often the case in older yet beautiful homes. And what romantic bathroom would be complete without a free-standing claw-foot bathtub draped with a fully lined lace shower curtain? For a little while, we can make believe we are in another time and place. That’s what a romantic home is all about, isn’t it?

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