Lovely Romantic Kitchen Decorating Ideas 15Lovely Romantic Kitchen Decorating Ideas 15

If you want a warmer, homier feel for your kitchen then you should definitely go for the California kitchen in terms of style. But what exactly is the California kitchen style? Well for starters, California kitchens are often styled with wooden panels and its color scheme varies from rich honey browns to different shades of light and warm yellow.

Given that California is a sunny city, residents here would want to live in a home that reminds them of the unique charms of this coastal city. So what are the different styles of kitchens that are being used in California?

Here are a few samples: modern minimalist, bohemian, suburban, romantic, and beach-inspired. When it comes to modern minimalist, expect the interiors of the home as well as the kitchen to be filled with stainless steel kitchen equipment matched with sleek tables and cabinets. For the bohemian style homes and kitchens, these are the ones that possess a more earthy feel while the suburban ones are more spacious given that it’s meant to provide a lot more space not just for your cooking needs but for a big family as well.

Romantic and beach-inspired homes and kitchens basically have a clean backdrop with touches of romantic or beach-inspired pieces that act as designs and accents. If you are worried that such designs will cost you an arm and a leg then better make it a point to frequent flea markets even dollar stores for quirky finds for your home kitchen.

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