33 Stunning Grey And White Kitchen Color Ideas Match With Any Kitchen Design

Stunning Grey And White Kitchen Color Ideas Match With Any Kitchen Design 26

Colour plays a really important role in creating atmosphere and ambiance within a home and it can be said that nowhere is that truer than in the kitchen. Statistically, the kitchen is the room where most waking hours are spent, so choosing a color that will suit any mood or occasion is absolutely essential.

his article will guide you through the often difficult process, highlighting some of the classic colors and textures that define the modern kitchen. It can often make sense to view the cabinetry and worktops over a long-term period, as it is usually more costly and tricky to change their appearance as opposed to re-painting a wall.

If there is any exposed woodwork on display it is often simply a case of choosing a color that complements the tone of the wood. With darker woods, such as oak or walnut, the contrast of off-white cabinets and joinery really works well. But with lighter woods, white can sometimes leave the woodwork looking a little washed out. In this case, a warmer shade works well. Brown and black both work well for work surfaces here.

The classic simplicity of black and white kitchens always seems to be in vogue. But in recent times, designers moved away from the stark black and white approach, and have started adding grey cabinetry and flooring to the equation, giving this style of the kitchen a fresh reworking.

Incredibly light and dark woods have been used to great effect, allowing an element of naturalism into the design. Monochrome kitchens can be extremely breathtaking but these types of designs work well if everything is in moderation. Therefore the black, white and grey tones can be complemented with natural stone flooring or more cheerful ornaments and centerpieces which breathe life into space and break up the uniformity.


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