Beautiful Small Pool Backyard Landscaping Ideas Best For Spring And Summertime 34Beautiful Small Pool Backyard Landscaping Ideas Best For Spring And Summertime 34

As Spring begins, the weather is beautiful. Winter is past and warmer temperatures are on the way. In fact, Summer isn’t that far away. And that means hot and humid, especially in the southern states. Maybe this is the year to finally beat that heat with your own backyard swimming pool?

There are two basic groups of pools, in-ground and above-ground. In-ground pools cost more but are a permanent addition to your home that will add equity and curb appeal, and be a perk for potential buyers if you ever sell your home. These are available in many sizes and shapes to suit your needs and can be made of fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl.

If in-ground is not for you, there are also many different above-ground options. These pools are much less expensive and less permanent, and easier to fit into a small yard. They are also moveable, so you can bring it with you should you move to a new home. These are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and typically in aluminum, resin, or steel construction. These also each have different price points and maintenance requirements, so again you will need to weigh these options against your own needs.

Installation of an in-ground pool obviously involves excavation. A very small pool could be installed by hand with a shovel, but generally, you’ll want to hire a backhoe to accomplish this task. The pool itself is somewhat complex to install, especially if you chose a larger model, and you should probably contact a professional for help with this installation. It will generally be a few days or a few weeks until the pool is available to enjoy.

Once the pool is up and ready to go, you are free to enjoy it at your leisure. Either now or in the future, you may want to complement your backyard oasis with a patio or deck and other accessories.

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