The Best Farmhouse Style Spring Tablescape Decor Ideas 24The Best Farmhouse Style Spring Tablescape Decor Ideas 24

Tablescape is a relatively new term used in interior decorating. It is defined exactly as one would think- a landscape for your table. This, of course, encompasses a large area to play with. It could be as simple as a floral centerpiece, or as elaborate as a theatrical production for a buffet or photoshoot.

These are just a few reasons that we should treat our dining area, whether it’s in a dining room, kitchen, patio, or another area with tender loving hands. Who knows- you may even find time to sit with your family again.

It’s a beautiful spring day, and I have a blank table in front of me. After pruning a few red and yellow twig dogwood bushes, I am inspired to re-arrange my table. I cover the table first – I love linens, and use them regularly. This time I am going to choose an antique quilt of my great grandmother’s that is collecting dust in my linen closet. The soft yellow color and rosettes will work well for this theme. Mix it up from your own stash of linens. A tablecloth, lace curtains, bedding- all will work as a cover-up. If you have an exceptional table, perhaps just a runner or table square will do the trick. I always use runners and/or placemats on the diagonal on my rectangular table. By setting up my “mini tablescape” on one end of the table, I do not have to remove it every time we sit down to eat.

I gather the yellow twig dogwood in a clear vase with river rock on the bottom. Certainly switch out the rocks with marbles, aquarium gravel, dried peas or lentils, anything that you have in your pantry or closet. No need to add water- they will stay intact as is. This is your tallest piece, so do not be afraid to let the twigs and vase soar to the ceiling, ideally 3′ or more from the tabletop.

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