Trending Summer Porch Decor Ideas Easy To Copy 04Trending Summer Porch Decor Ideas Easy To Copy 04

Many people don’t feel that decorating their homes for the summer holidays is important like it is to decorate for winter. But that does not mean there are no summer holiday decor ideas. You can have just as much fun making your home festive in the summer as you can in the winter.

Look for cardboard stars in red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. Stars in any other color are a great decorative touch for the other holidays, such as Father’s Day in June. String the stars onto a piece of rope or a length of ribbon and hang along a wall, the railing on your porch, or a gate. To add a bit of light, look for star-shaped string lights.

In the heat of summer, many different types of flowers are in bloom. Choose colorful annuals such as marigolds or petunias. Plant one flower each in small flower pots. Arrange the pots on the floor of your front porch, near the entryway. If you have a gate or railing, look for small flower pots that can hang over the rail. If you want to be extra festive for July 4th, try planting red, white, and blue flowers or using red, white, and blue flower pots.

Choose colors that coordinate with the theme and look desired. Try to keep the color scheme to a minimum of two main colors and two or three accent colors. Nature-inspired colors like greens, browns, and dark reds are always good color choices for porch decor. Even without a green thumb, having a few live potted plants on the porch is a great way to tie the yard to the porch. Planted palms, ficus trees, and ferns are all good for shaded areas of the porch. Hanging baskets filled with flowers are also an option for porch railing decor. Colorful stripes, patriotic colors, a nautical theme, or a tropical decor are all great choices that lend themselves to porch decor. Whatever theme you choose, use it in moderation for the best results.

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