Dining Room Storage Cabinets

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Youll find a variety of silhouettes from low servers to expansive wall display cabinets in styles ranging from midcentury inspired to Eastern influenced to rugged American traditional.


Dining Room Storage Cabinets.

There are two basic furniture requirements in a dining room: a table with chairs and a display cabinet for special occasion china and cutlery. If you are pressed for storage space, utilize the available furniture as much as possible or replace it with more functional and adaptable pieces.

A skirted table can hide a myriad of things. For this trick, you’ll need a tablecloth that goes to the floor. You can cover the table with something simple or layer it with different length cloths. One time conscious person has suggested you multi-layer the table with several of your linens. When one is used, you remove it to reveal another layer. This serves two purposes: a storage place for your linen and as a means of keeping them wrinkle free. If you adopt this practice, remember to cover the good linen with a see through plastic covering to protect it and all the layers from spills.

Another possibility to decrease the amount of wrinkles and increase storage space is to attach a dowel to the back of a cabinet or closet. It makes for easy accessibility while minimizing creases and lines.

Another means of turning the dining room table into extra storage space is by returning to an old-fashioned kitchen table style. Old-fashioned table had the cutlery drawers built into them. You pulled them open and you had easy access to the necessary knives, forks and spoons. To adapt your current table, attach one or more shallow drawers to the underside of the table, making sure they do not rub against or hit the knees of anyone sitting at the table. These can be used to store the cutlery, linen and other items used regularly at the dining room table.

Also to be considered for possible storage purposes is the china cabinet. This structure may be free standing or part of a larger unit with drawers. Make sure you use every inch carefully. If necessary, clear it out, sort everything, discard nonessential and extraneous material or items, and replace the items. Add or build extra storage units within the larger unit if you feel it can help in the fight to achieve maximum storage capacity.

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