Popular Tuscan Home Decor Ideas For Every Room 34

There is no shortage of beautiful countries in the world and each one visited leaves its own special memories. But Tuscany is a place you fall in love with at once – even if the visit is only on the pages of a magazine. This is largely due to the rich style that is reflected in Tuscan decorating.

Tuscany is a region of great charm, hospitality, and serenity, just as your home can be simply by incorporating the basic essence of Tuscan decorating into your existing decorating theme. Tuscan home decor is a gorgeous, warm, rustic decor style reminiscent of the Tuscan region of Italy. Tuscan home decor is casually elegant and is perfect for everyday life in any home.

Tuscan style is inspired by the Italian countryside, blue skies, rolling hills, beautiful Italian art, and exquisite hand-painted ceramics. Tuscan decorating is all about getting into the colors and textures of nature and bringing the outdoors indoors and expressing your own personal style and flair for life.

Colors, the color palette of Tuscany includes rich or muted tones of brown, red, yellow, apricot, orange, peach, green and blue. Don’t be limited to one or two colors, the entire palette works well together. Work with them to create a complementary liveliness and richness.

Materials, think rustic: iron, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, terracotta. Mix and match the full range of materials for an eclectic yet cohesive look and feel. These materials work well in the home as well as the garden.

Accessories, Tuscan-inspired home d├ęcor accessories are often functional as well as beautiful. Plates, platters, bowls, vases, urns, wine racks, and clocks are just a few items that work well and look great in a Tuscan home. When your beautiful ceramic pieces aren’t being used, don’t hide them in cupboards, display them on iron or wood stands.

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