32 The Best Backyard Fireplace Design Ideas You Must Have

The Best Backyard Fireplace Design Ideas You Must Have 24

Having an outdoor space is a great part of owning a home. Backyards can be small and cosy or large and expansive, but no matter the size, making it inviting and getting the most out of what you have beyond the backdoor of your home is what matters.

Some people have brought their style and design sense outdoors, and with the advent of outdoor living, thanks to manufacturers who have made entire furniture lines for use outdoors, it has become easy to create your dream backyard.

Whether you utilize all of your outdoor space, or just a patio section, investing in a backyard fireplace can make your dream backyard a reality by using it to anchor the design. Because of their size, the fireplaces cannot help but be a focal point of any decor plan, and because they are handcrafted using natural stones and rocks, the fireplaces will maintain their beauty and functionality for years to come.

Backyard fireplaces are multi-functional pieces. Some may prefer to simply use the fireplace for heat and light, cosying up and watching the flames dance. Add decorative metal doors that inspire and capture the imagination and you have a piece of art that is sure to be a conversation starter. Use the additional grill and you can turn your fireplace into a cooking surface. As part of an outdoor kitchen, the backyard fireplace can find a purpose other than just being ornamental, though it will always command a presence, whether in use or not.

Backyard fireplaces can also double as a water feature. Use just the water and you have created a waterfall. Use just the fire and you have several options, but use them in concert and you have a real treat for the senses. Water cascading in front of the flames is a lovely mixture of two of earth’s greatest elements coming together.


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